Centre for Formal Design
Verification of Software

An R&D Centre at IIT Bombay

Motivation — Computational Systems, be it software or hardware, are becoming pervasive in every aspects of human life, from day to day household appliances, banking and trading sectors, aircraft control to mission critical satellite launchers. The quality of these systems have a direct bearing on the quality of human life. Many of these applications are quite complex making the development of high quality software or hardware for these applications, a very challenging activity. Some of these applications like computer based control systems used in nuclear reactors, space, avionics, process-control and robotics are safety-critical in the sense that failure could lead to financial or human catastrophes. Dramatic examples of consequences of even minor bugs in such applications are many; Ariane 5 failure, Mars Path finder problem and Pentium bug are some such examples.

Objective — The Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software has been set up with the broad aim of carrying out R&D activities in the area of quality software development with special focus on formal verification techniques for safety-critical applications. Formal verification methods are founded on rigorous mathematical techniques and hence enable development of quality software.

Facilities — The Centre was started in IIT Bombay in April 1999 with an initial outlay of Rs. 3.03 Crores. It is housed in the basement of the Department of Mathematics in an area of 3000 Sq. ft., with two laboratories, one conference room, a few faculty and staff cabins. The laboratories are equipped with a number of personal computers, high-end servers and workstations. The current software resources include a number of public domain tools for formal specification and verification, advanced static analysis, dynamic analysis and testing tools (test-beds), modeling languages and related environments for real-time software supporting simulations and verification, hazard analysis tools and CASE tools and general programming environments.

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