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Announcement: Formal Methods and the World Wide Web

Information on formal methods, and Z notation in particular, is held as part of the World Wide Web (WWW) global hypermedia Virtual Library under the following URL (Uniform Resource Locator):


Please email J.P.Bowen@reading.ac.uk if you know of relevant on-line information which could be included.

Currently (1995) there are around 35 million people with Internet access and the number is doubling each year. WWW usage has been estimated to be increasing at 1% per day! The WWW Virtual Library formal methods page was accessed around 150 to 200 times a day from around the world (as of May 1995) and is mentioned in the September 1994 issue of Scientific American. At present (November 1997) it is accessed around 300 times each day. (New)

Technical information: The page may be accessed on the Internet by WWW client programs such as netscape or mosaic under X windows and lynx on ASCII terminals under Unix. Client programs are also available for use under MS-Windows on PCs and on Apple Macintosh computers. Contact your system manager if WWW is not accessible from your computer.

WWW pages include underlined phrases which are hyperlinks to other URLs. These may be anywhere in the world on the Internet computer network, accessible via anonymous FTP, NNTP (USENET news), Gopher, WAIS, Telnet, or WWW's own HTTP protocol, using HTML, a mark-up language based on SGML. As well as HTML format, files may be in PostScript (formatted documents), DVI (LaTeX output), GIF (colour images), XBM (monochrome images), JPEG (compressed colour images, especially photographs), MPEG (moving colour images), Sun audio (sounds), etc., and may be compressed using utilities such as compress and gzip. Different formats are handled by appropriate programs on the host machine.

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