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Technical Reports 2013-2014

  • H. Karmarkar, M. Joglekar, S. Chakraborty. Improved upper and lower bounds for Buechi disambiguation. , Technical Report No. TR-13-36. [download]

Technical Reports 2012-2013

  • Ajith K John, Supratik Chakraborty. Extending Quantifier Elimination to Linear Inequalities on Bit-vectors ,Technical Report No. TR-12-35. [download]
  • Abhisekh Sankaran, Nutan Limaye, Akshay Sundararaman, Supratik Chakraborty. Using Preservation Theorems for Inexpressibility Results in First Order Logic , Technical Report No. TR-12-34. [download]

Technical Reports 2011-2012

  • Ajith K John, Supratik Chakraborty. A Quantifier Elimination Algorithm for Linear Modular Equations and Disequations , Technical Report No. TR-11-33. [download]

Technical Reports 2006-2007

  • Sudeep Juvekar, Ankur Taly, Varun Kanade , Supratik Chakraborty.Efficient Approximate Symbolic Reachability of Discrete-timed Digital Circuits, Technical Report No. TR-07-22.[download]
  • Seetha Jayasankar and Supratik Chakraborty.LREs: A Framework For Guiding Symbolic Reachability Analysis , Technical Report No. TR-07-23.[download]

Technical Reports 2005-2006

  • Joycee Mekie, Supratik Chakraborty, Girish Venkataramani, P. S. Thiagarajan, D. K. Sharma Interfaces for Rationally clocked GALS systems, Technical Report No. TR-06-18.[download]
  • Dina Thomas, Supratik Chakraborty and Paritosh Pandya Efficient Guided Symbolic Reachability using Reachability Expressions, Technical Report No. tTR-06-01 (TR-06-19). [download]

Technical Reports 2004-2005
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